We had beautiful weather in NYC this Easter. It was peak time for all of the flowers in the streets and parks. Every corner is filled with daffodils and tulips of every color and the trees are blossoming. I don’t celebrate Easter in the religious context, but I do enjoy taking the day to celebrate the start of Spring.

In honor of Easter I had the idea to gather broken branches and stems in the nearby park and use some of the leftover flowers I had from a previous event to make a mini arrangement.

First I spent some time staring at these gorgeous cherry blossoms. I felt like I was in a cloud of pink cotton balls!

In the park I managed to find a few branches that had broken off from the rain. The greenery that I salvaged helped to fill in space around the flowers.

Here is the end result! I had so much fun putting together this piece without worrying about perfection. It was simply an opportunity to explore and spend time with nature.

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April 29, 2019

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